Charity Mack wrote her first book when she was eight in the mountains of North Carolina. Although Fred the Frog never made it to publication, the quest for creative expression held on. Soon photography was coupled with written stories as they both met virtual paper in her first blog, circa 2011.

Charity, a native of Virginia, received her bachelor’s degree from Old Dominion University and Masters in International Politics from Regent University. She is happily married to the man of her dreams and loved by their three children whom she homeschools.

In 2012, she began partnering with an area nonprofit to raise awareness in hopes of ending human trafficking in our lifetime. Inspired by nonprofits that fight human trafficking and her worldwide humanitarian travels, Mack finished her first novel in 2018. She also helped edit Things In the Bible You Ought to Know By Now by Sunday School co-teacher, Bill Gaughan, in 2017.

In her spare time, Charity keeps honeybees and children – she has yet to figure out which is harder to keep. Inspired by these adventures, she is writing her second novel, God and Bees. For additional fun, Charity continues to delve into photography, oil painting, and altering bridal gowns and attire – a trade she learned while apprenticing in a small business over twenty years ago.

Charity enjoys hearing from readers and what inspires them to create. Please feel free to leave a comment!