God and Bees, Young Readers, Fiction


It was a soft buzz, not sharp, and without warning, it stopped. Nine-year-old Lark opened her eyes. A honey bee had landed on her arm. The honey bee cleaned her fuzzy face with her tiny black arms, turned in a slow circle, and then took off toward the hive.

First-year beekeeper Lark Oakmyer has been given the rare invitation to join her old friend, W, at his bee yard with thousands of honey bees. But then, through a series of strange occurrences, Lark, her brothers, and their friends find themselves discovering clues to a bigger mystery than the bees. She soon learns that she has friends in high places and that the wonder of honey bees is more than she could have ever asked or imagined. Through their faith in God (and a bit of help from the bees), they make the impossible, possible.


  • God and Bees: Color Edition – $17.99 on B&N, color paperback. Includes 25 watercolor illustrations (ISBN: 9781733124621).
  • God and Bees, black and white paperback – $11.99 on Amazon. This includes the color ebook through KindleMatch book for free! (ISBN: 9781733124607)


Coming Soon…

In 2012, Charity began partnering with an area nonprofit to raise awareness in hopes of ending human trafficking in our lifetime. Inspired by nonprofits that fight human trafficking and her worldwide humanitarian travels, Mack wrote The Unseen – coming fall 2019!

The Unseen, Adult Fiction

Ananias Lund is desperate for a way out of the sex trafficking syndicate he’s helped orchestrate for the last ten years. Unbeknownst to him, his neighbors are feeling the effects of his and his associates’ dealings. For good or bad, all must make choices that will change their lives forever.