The Long Game

Hello, Friends and Family!

If you’ve been a long-time reader with me, then you know creativity is a huge aspect of my game. Flexibility and adventuring, too. Last year gave me many opportunities for that as my latest manuscript In the Letting Go went through the paces with editors and publishers. By the fall I felt it was time to take a hard look at the manuscript. Working with a talented content editor we rebuilt the story structure, took out scenes, and evaluated the pacing. It was akin to getting your braces on, the grueling first week of pain, and then the last week when you see your teeth again and wonder if you’re hot stuff or look like a horse. I know the manuscript is straight and beautiful now and we will see where it goes in 2024. I cannot wait for Readers to read it!

In the meantime, I’m writing two new books and would love your prayers as I see how they develop. Another professional in the publishing field explained to me that the timing of publications is as important as writing them. One story might be ready, but it might not be the story that should be published first. I’m trying to understand his wisdom and follow the right timing for this writing adventure: The Long Game, if you will.

The kids are seeing new avenues open to them as well and, like me, are finding their footing. Ryder is in high school and soaring. He takes most of his classes outside the house now and has risen to the challenge of many new subjects. Aurora and Cody challenge each other as they have worked together on pre-algebra and English projects. They even wrote their own newspaper in October (a small distribution. Download it for free here)! They have entered another season of basketball this month and are having a blast.

Chris is my loyal, sports-loving, hard-working, man. He received a promotion at work in July that has pushed him into more managerial responsibilities, as well as the brilliant computer engineering he’s so skilled at. In what way did I help him celebrate, you might ask? By asking that he renovate our kitchen last summer. Pray for him. He lives with a creative writer and artist.

The family humored me by saying yes to being the featured family for a local magazine that was sent to over 3,000 of our neighbors just yesterday. What an honor it is to tell our story for others to enjoy. The Kempsville Living Publication Team is a dream team. Read the full article below.

As this beautiful new year moves forward, I hope that whatever God is asking you to put your hands to will flourish. That His joy will be your joy. What a gift we have in loving God and watching him order our steps. I’m excited for what’s to come!


P.S. Would you help me with some manuscript research? If you could wake up and have any ability, knowledge, or talent, what would it be? Circus performer? Brain surgeon? Superior cook? Let me know.

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Championing the Story

Thankfulness is what drives this season of writing. I am thankful for my literary agent championing the story we believe in as we eagerly await a publishing house to say yes. I truly believe it will come soon. How soon? Only God knows. The kids are cheering me on as we wait, expecting a positive response. I love their enthusiasm and involvement in the process, teaching them that faith takes grit, and that all aspects of a dream aren’t fully in our control. At this point, I can’t do anything but trust the process.

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Exciting News!

           I was eight in the Brushy Mountains of North Carolina where my siblings and I had gotten over chicken pox. My mom rubbed on calamine lotion, ran warm oatmeal baths, and hit rewind on the worn-out copy of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast we all could sing by heart at week’s end. Soothed by the creek, and the cooking of our great aunt Hessie, (with whom we were staying), we survived the tumultuous week and were grateful.

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