Tune in This Friday!

This Friday I have been invited to the 700 Club television show, with the Christian Broadcasting Network, to speak about The Unseen. Join me and tune in! It airs live from 10 a.m. Eastern, to 11 a.m. on Freeform cable network. It will then re-air Friday evening at 11 p.m. Additionally, I will participate in a second interview for 700 Club Interactive that will air on Monday at 9:30 a.m. on Freeform cable channel, Facebook, and other social media avenues.

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The Unseen – Now Available!


It is 1968. Margaret is working in the White House during the tumultuous Vietnam War while the country is still grieving the loss of President Kennedy. The morning after a White House party, she wakes up in a haze of confusing memories. A few weeks later, she realizes she’s pregnant, and her world is shaken.

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In One Week…

In one week The Unseen will release on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I started writing The Unseen three years ago when I was in the throes of human trafficking awareness projects for the non-profit I work for. After extensive research and countless hours reading journals, government reports, and articles, I felt there wasn’t a good, cohesive, story to tell about this plight. The stories written of redemption and hope were few. And, more importantly, we needed stories that would motivate and inspire change.

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