It Is The Year 2072

Over the next week, a series of posts from a recent trip to Nepal will be shared. This trip was in partnership with a nonprofit and the work they do there to rescue girls from sex trafficking. Thank you to all our team supporters, our family, friends, churches, and workplaces, for making this adventure possible for the team!


Did you know Nepal is 10 hours and 15 minutes ahead of U.S. east coast time? It is also the year 2072. In some ways, Nepal is ahead of us and in many, they aren’t. But one area that struck me as “ahead”, aside from the hours that my jet leg keep reminding me of, is the border stations. To study this from home, to know of its effectiveness over the years, and yet to see it in person, the staff who power it, lead it, rescue from it, is overwhelming. The numbers are unbelievable. And yet, the tireless staff know it is not enough. Handwritten statistics charts in the office clearly showed the increase of trafficking at the borders since the earthquakes this spring. Desperation is evident. Evil takes advantage.

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A Reminder of Compassion

For the last three months, I have been working on a youth-focused curriculum for work. The topic is about human sex trafficking and what it looks like in the United States. Also how pornography fuels human trafficking, albeit unintentionally by most consumers of pornography. It has been a difficult curriculum to write because 1. I feel ill-qualified and 2. the topic is heavy. But neither diminish the need for such a resource.

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I decided to rearrange the furniture in my living room. I thought maybe if I rearranged the room it would feel cleaner, newer, refreshed. I dragged the piano to three out of four corners of the room. I tried plugging the lamp into one outlet and then another. Should the sewing machine be on the same table as the computer or can the computer sit somewhere else? I shuffled and re-shuffled for more hours than I care to admit.

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