Cows, Potholes, and Traffic

Over the next week, a series of posts from a recent trip to Nepal will be shared. This trip was in partnership with a nonprofit and the work they do there to rescue girls from sex trafficking. Thank you to all our team supporters, our family, friends, churches, and workplaces, for making this adventure possible for the team!


What do you get with a cow, giant potholes, and traffic busier than the worst day in New York City? An opportunity to help change the world…on a scooter…with no helmet…in the mud…

We started out our second teaching day with the most amazing words given by Bonnie and Amy. Bonnie had the girls in quick sword drills finding much proof of God’s love, His power of restoration, His proof that we are more valuable than rubies or gold. Through Proverbs 31 she explained the value of a godly woman and the dedication it involves to be strong in the Lord.

  “Many women do noble things,
but you surpass them all.”
Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting;
but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. -Proverbs 31:29-30

Amy then stood in front of the room with so much love and compassion for the girls it was overwhelming. She explained the greatness of God’s creations producing a beautiful fragrance and we are His favorites. Each unique and beautiful like the colorful flowers of the fields. She brought them each a hand-painted cookie a bit larger than the size of a postage stamp that was unique from any other. It’s vibrancy, it’s scent, it’s worth is like each girl in the room, and each is treasured by God.

The whole team then took out the construction paper, crayons, and scissors to let the creativity flow. Beautiful paper flowers and bible verses filled the room with a reflection of each girls’ unique beauty and God-given purpose. The day was so fun!

I, however, had to put my crayons down and was whisked away as the girls began crafting. Tasked to go train a local staff member with a new project to mobilize border station communication through iPads. I tried not to get nervous as my ride took me on the back of a scooter (and later a motorcycle) ferrying me to and from the morning’s location. Cows in the streets being honked at to no avail, mud sloshing up, dust blowing in my eyes, and other vehicles getting so close I could feel their hot exhaust. What an opportunity to be onsite with little notice to assist! Adventuring for God is a blast! A training that could have taken the staff at home much effort to try to convey over email was communicated with ease in person. The timing of the Lord is unique and beautiful!

Today is brought to you by the letter B for border station.

In a few short hours, we close our suitcases and get on a short in-country flight to our next meeting place and view of a border station. This is one of 15 border stations that are placed at the 15 borders of Nepal/India and Nepal/China where tireless local staff rescue girls from traffickers at these interdiction offices.

The team is in good spirits, with much energy and humor. We are enjoying pots of spiced milk tea at every breakfast where we solve the world’s problems. God is good all the time!

Thank you for your prayers! They are felt as energy and health, words for the girls, and beauty for the people of Nepal is revealed through this Mighty Mouse of a team.

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