Youth Groups_Anti-Human Trafficking Awareness Curriculum




37 pages
PDF, downloadable
Recommended Ages: 11 and up

Dear Reader,

I first want to personally thank you for your passion to teach the youth of this nation. Youth are looking for strong leaders who will take them from childhood to adulthood with focused dedication. They want clear answers and more importantly solid backing as to why they should follow a path we as leaders are encouraging. This can be a daunting task, tiresome, and overwhelming. But no doubt the love for youth to learn and change their world is what motivates you to lead with excitement!

This study about human trafficking is an excellent opportunity to clearly show how youth can change their world. Human trafficking is a lucrative industry that is destroying their generation. But if they aren’t made aware they will never know how to change it. My hope for this study is that it will motivate youth to annihilate human trafficking as individuals and as leaders through personal and collaborative choices.

A Word of Caution…

The following pages will bring hard facts that are not easy to consume for any human being, let alone youth. Regardless of race, religion, or background, the facts of human trafficking are brutal to anyone who hears, especially for the first time. Please share this information with great wisdom and caution. After each session, use the Q&A portion to discuss with your group so they have opportunity to decompress. Human trafficking is abusive and could “trigger” personal experiences in some individuals. Please be mindful of individuals who might not be able to discuss the information because it is connecting too closely to something experienced in their life (sexual abuse, trauma, violence).

Please preview the suggested DVDs and online video clips before sharing with your youth. Edit scenes as you see appropriate. Also, the timing of showing visual information should be considered. I do not recommend you start with visual information before discussing what human trafficking is and what it involves. The purpose of this curriculum is NOT to “shock and awe” your youth, but to challenge them to 1) know what human trafficking is and 2) how they can change the culture to stop its demand. If the information is presented with little hope of change then they will simply become equally aware and paralyzed by it. They can make a difference if motivated appropriately.

We are learning…

Anti-human trafficking efforts are new to our culture. The first U.S. laws even acknowledging this epidemic were only passed in 2000. Non-profits, churches, and even our government are still learning how to approach this evil. This can be daunting or motivating. I believe, with leaders like you, and empowering our youth, we can truly join together and stop human trafficking in its tracks. Our goal is a global movement to end human trafficking, and we need your help to do it! Thank you for joining the fight! – Charity Mack, author of The Unseen.

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