Parents_Anti-Human Trafficking Awareness Curriculum


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27-page curriculum (Downloadable PDF), English
Recommended Ages: 11 and up

Three lessons with discussion questions:

Lesson 1: What is Human Trafficking? Equipping Kids with DICE

Lesson 2: Combat Human Trafficking by Teaching Purity

Lesson 3: Avoiding or Recovering from Purity Pitfalls

Thank you for taking the time and recognizing the importance of discussing the issue of human trafficking with your children. The purpose of this curriculum is not to invoke fear and anxiety, but rather to increase awareness by fostering quality discussion and habits with our children. Through these discussions our hope is that children and parents will notice their surroundings more, online and offline, publically and privately, that will protect them from harm, bring joyful relationships, and meaningful action. The curriculum will discuss sex trafficking, but also how our choices in sexual purity can play a role in fueling or ending this epidemic.


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